Brexit And Me

I was asked by someone the other day why I hadn’t shared any views about Brexit on social media, where I am normally pretty active. The reason, I told him, is because I realised early on that there was no point.

I’ve watched, from the sidelines, as…

The Lost Art Of Following Up

Over the years I’ve listened to hundreds of pitches for business, both personally and for my company.

It’s actually quite rare that I’ve said: “No, I won’t ever do business with you!”

The no usually takes the form of:

“I can’t actually afford it…

As far as I know, all of my friends are law abiding citizens. They wouldn’t dream of going into a shop and “lifting” so much as a bag of sweets.

But many of them think nothing of downloading music and films illegally, buying ripped and copied DVD’s from the market…

I’m talking here about the tech giants — Google, Paypal, Microsoft and others of their ilk. Their help and support are generally pitiful, not just for their many “free” clients, but equally for their paying clients. And in each of those examples, I fall into the latter camp.

Here’s what…

Ad blockers are all the rage. As is complaining about those “pesky” adverts that follow you around once you’ve searched for something and Google thinks it knows “just what you need.”

But consider this: What if the alternative to seeing adverts on websites was having to pay to subscribe to…

Mike CJ

Owner of Lanzarote’s best destination website, Lanzarote Information and Camel Travel, offering worldwide luxury holidays at affordable prices.

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