Mike CJ
2 min readSep 28, 2017


The Lost Art Of Following Up

Over the years I’ve listened to hundreds of pitches for business, both personally and for my company.

It’s actually quite rare that I’ve said: “No, I won’t ever do business with you!”

The no usually takes the form of:

“I can’t actually afford it at the moment” or

“The timing’s not right for us just now” or

“It’s something I’d like to try in a few months.”

I’ve seen all those disappointed sales people or business owners walk out…..

…to never hear from them again!

Honestly, I can only think of two or three occasions where the people have actually stayed in touch with me, and reminded me they are still there. One notable case was the web designer who pitched me when I just couldn’t afford him. He made contact with me every six months for nearly two years. And eventually he got some substantial business from us.

But the vast majority never bothered — they moved on to pastures new, always seeking that elusive contact that they could “close” quickly.

Why is that? How hard is it to shoot off an email or make a quick phone call every six months?

Do you have a system for recording follow up contacts?

It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated CRM, you can store your contacts on a spreadsheet and just diarise forward every six months, or God forbid, you could even do it on paper in an exercise book!

Start today, and keep a record of every client you talk to about your product or service. Then just contact them every six months. Over time, you’ll build a relationship, and if they need you, they’ll remember you. If they are asked by friends, they’ll recommend you.

You’ll be amazed by how much extra business you do.



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